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2019 Summer Pickup Game Series


The most important thing that players can learn from playing Georgia's newest sport is how to have fun, and at Kraken that is our number one priority. The 9th annual "Summer Pickup Game Series" is one of the easiest and most enjoyable way to get involved in water polo in the Atlanta area. Pickup games will run through the summer, until Cobb County starts school.

There are a ton of benefits to getting involved in our summer pickup games. Players get a great workout; when you are playing the best sport in the world, you tend to forget how hard you're actually working! Our coaches at each practice give feedback and instruction during the game. Any player, beginner to advanced, can learn something to improve their ability. Lastly, water polo pickup games are great for meeting new friends and having fun with old friends. So at Kraken summer pickup games, we're having a great workout, getting better at water polo, and having a lot of fun. Come join us and you could too!

Open to any age Middle School and up!! No prior Water Polo experience necessary. 

Will be limited to the first 32 players each night. 

Fees are $5 per night 

All players must pre-register for each pickup game. 


2019 Summer Pickup Game Schedule:

Starts: June 2nd    Ends: July 25th

Sunday 8:00pm-10:30pm

Thursday 9:00pm-11:00pm


** No Games: June 23rd, July 4th ** 

(updated 5-27-19)

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