Kraken Water Polo

Georgia's Finest Youth Water Polo Club 

Bring Kraken to your Neighborhood

Kraken Water Polo partners with neighborhood swim teams in East Cobb County. In a mutually beneficial arrangement, we are able to provide swim teams with a fun and exciting experience, while also increasing the sport's profile in the state of Georgia. 

We highly recommend using water polo as a fun activity for the practice after meet days. 

What we do:

We will provide: Goals, balls, caps, sideline markers, referee.

Our volunteers will set up the goals in your pool, and set up the sideline markers.

Our referee will explain a modified version of the rules, help everyone put on the water polo caps, and get right to playing!

When we are all done, we will pack everything up so you don't have to!

All we ask is that you let us hand out some promotional material.

Recommended pool size: 5 lane, 25 yard

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